Our Approach

Whether it’s understanding how to best communicate with rabid fans, or how to
choose technologies that won’t require more upkeep than your team has time for,
or how to convince senior executives how beneficial communities can be to the bottom line, we can help.

Our company name is also the basis for our work. The core operations of every online community is made up of 5 key pillars.


The staff and structure that enables your company to drive your community engagement on a stable, consistent, day-to-day basis. We look at how your team is structured, measured, and trained.


The clear, documented, methods and operations that are the foundation driving that daily stability. From escalations to response communications.


The platforms, tools, and communication methods that support your strategic direction.


The daily interaction with community members (online and offline), colleagues, and staff that ensure that the connection between community and company is both personal and rewarding.


The underlying tools, dashboards, and KPIs that confirm that the community value is clear, measurable, and defendable and provide feedback for improvement and growth.