We help you solve your strategic and
operational challenges when it comes
to online communities and customer
engagement programs. Whether you’re
launching a new community from scratch,
or working to optimize your operations,
we’re ready to support you.


We have sat in the same seats as our clients, doing the same work, and answering the same questions to our bosses. We aren’t consultants who have been living and working as consultants since leaving business school. We’re senior community practitioners who have been on the brand side and held similar positions as our clients. We understand many of the challenges because we’ve seen them firsthand.


ENGAGEMENTDetermine the best way to connect, communicate, and create together with your customers.
PEOPLEIdentify, onboard, and train the staff who will be the face and voice of the day-to-day interaction in your community.
PROCESSDevelop strategies that ensure smooth daily operations for the company and the community.
ANALYTICSBuild the underlying tools, dashboards, and KPIs that confirm that the community value is clear, measurable, actionable, and defendable.
TECHNOLOGYDetermine the best technology platforms, tools, and solutions that support your strategic direction.


Community & Engagement StrategyWhether you need to build a community program from scratch or trying to determine the future of your community program, we can help guide you through the process.
Retained Executive AdvisorySometimes you just need a friendly face with two decades of experience to help support your community leadership efforts.
Fan Engagement CommunicationYour community members are a passionate bunch. That’s what makes them such a powerful group. We help you make sure you’re communicating with them in the right way to excite and delight.
Program DesignCommunity programs are often more important than the platform itself. We help you determine what types of programs you need, and the help you design and launch them.
Coaching & Presentation DevelopmentStartups and large companies can both benefit from an expert voice and a second set of eyes. We can help you dial in your business storytelling, improve your pitch strategy, and think about the future of your business.
Community Optimization FrameworkNeed to see how your community stacks up against other communities? Or even your own community strategy? Our Community Optimization Framework looks at multiple assessment points to understand and track your community growth and evolution.
Competitive / Industry ResearchCommunities operate in an ecosystem, so understanding that ecosystem is critical. We help you learn what competitors are up to and what your community members need as your community programs evolve.
Community Management TrainingWe help you ensure your team is operating at maximum performance. Our unique training approaches puts your team and your business at the core of the learning process rather than relying on generic training materials.
Speaking & BriefingsWe deliver executive briefings, team workshops, and industry updates when you need them.